Server Variables

The following variables are heitml Reserved Words that can be used to access data from the Server and obtain information about the current connection, i.e. User, IP address, etc.

Version 1.0
Server Variables
Description Result
SrvMax maximum number of rows returned by a dbquery; write-only; default 200; minimum 1 value not readable
SrvMaxNest maximum number of nested dbquery's; write-only; default 5; minimum 1; maximum 1000 value not readable
SrvFname access the name of the current field in a dbhead or dbcolumn section of a dbquery value not available here
SrvField access the field content in the dbcolumn section of a dbquery value not available here
SrvHost 1 see Srv_Remote_Host
SrvName specific client information returned by Apache; null otherwise null
SrvUser 1 2 see Srv_Remote_User null
SrvUserAgent see Srv_Http_User_Agent CCBot/2.0 (
SrvIP 1 see Srv_Remote_Addr
SrvDate server date as integer of the form YYYYMMDD that is year (YY) * 10000 + month (MM) * 100 + day (DD) 20180422
SrvTime server time as integer of the form HHMMSSUUU that is hour (HH) * 10000000 + minute (MM) * 100000 + second (SS) * 1000 + milliseconds (UUU) 224149681
SrvServer Web server heitml interfaces with APACHE
SrvDbsys database system heitml interfaces with SAP DB/ADABAS D
SrvOs operating system Web server runs on LINUX
Version 1.2
Server Variables
Description Result
SrvDebug flag indicating whether heitml runs in debug mode; Boolean false
Srv_Http_Accept Lists what kind of response schemes are accepted by this request (value of CGI variable HTTP_ACCEPT, value of client request header Accept) text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8
Srv_Http_User_Agent Identifies the client software, normally including version information (value of CGI variable HTTP_USER_AGENT, value of client request header User-Agent) CCBot/2.0 (
Srv_Remote_Addr The end user's IP address or host name (value of CGI variable REMOTE_ADDR)
Srv_Remote_Host The end user's host name or IP address (value of CGI variable REMOTE_HOST). Some servers may return the null value.
Srv_Remote_User 2 User name, if the user has been authenticated (value of CGI variable REMOTE_USER) null
Srv_Server_Admin name of Web server administrator (value of CGI variable SERVER_ADMIN)
Srv_Server_Name server's IP address or host name. Usually the hostname supplied in the URL (value of CGI variable SERVER_NAME, value of client request header Host)
Srv_Server_Port Port on the server that received the HTTP request (value of CGI variable SERVER_PORT); integer 80
Srv_Server_Protocol Name and version of the protocol being used by the server to process requests (value of CGI variable SERVER_PROTOCOL) HTTP/1.0
Srv_Server_Software Name (an normally, version and platform) of the server software (value of CGI variable SERVER_SOFTWARE) Apache
SrvFileName file path on server of requested URL /home/radpage/docroot/heitml2.1/lref/srvrdata.hei
SrvLocalUrl Additional path information for the CGI program, passed as part of the URL after the program name (value of CGI variable PATH_INFO or SCRIPT_NAME) /heitml2.1/lref/srvrdata.hei
SrvHostname standard host name of server data
SrvTimezone difference in seconds between UTC and server's local standard time; integer -3600
SrvDaylight flag for alternate daylight savings time; integer 1
SrvTZName time zone names; object where field 0/field 1 contains time zone name without/with daylight savings time (0="CET", 1="CEST")
SrvHeitmlVersion heitml version number; real 2.100000
New Version 2.0
Server Variables
Description Result
Srv_Http_Referer Identifies the URL of the document that gave the link to the current document (value of CGI variable HTTP_REFERER, value of client request header Referer) null
SrvLastModified time of last data modification in file denoted by SrvFileName; integer denoting the seconds since 00:00:00 UTC, January 1, 1970 1078057916
SrvHeitmlVersionString heitml version number 2.1
SrvHeitmlRelease heitml release number 2.1

1 Variable is deprecated.
2 Variable is not null only on password protected pages, or if a user has been set in the Developer Version.

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