Programming Tutorial

This tutorial should be viewed as an interactive companion piece to the documentation provided in the heitml Language Guide.

We start with some Basics that show how to define your own Tags, your own Page Layout, add Counters to your pages, and show heitml variables that can be used to retrieve information from the Web Server. Although these pages discuss each topic in isolation, the Modular Pages page of the Language Guide shows how to create Web Pages using all of these elements in concert with one another.

After the Basics, we introduce you to the concepts of Database Applications using heitml. The pages in this section contain a very simple but practical example of a Guestbook Application that allows you to insert, update or delete entries at any time. A study of the Source Code for these pages will help you learn how to create similar Database Applications of your own.

Keep in mind, however, that the methods used in this section are still quite introductory in nature, as they demonstrate only one of the many ways in which heitml can be used to simplify your programming.

The Advanced section is where you'll really begin to see the power of heitml. As with any programming language, the real power lies in your ability to design a set of high-level tools that are tailored to meet the needs of specific situations. heitml comes with a large number of such tools in the form of Component Libraries, and we introduce you to just a few of them here.

As you work through the pages in this Tutorial, you may want to go to over to the Tryout Form to occasionally create and test a few Tags on your own.

We think this "Learn by Doing" method is a success-oriented approach that will enable you to quickly get the point where you have the knowledge required to strike out on your own. To begin, we suggest that you start with the Basics and proceed in an orderly fashion.

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