RADpage is not intended to replace well known HTML editors used for layout editing. Instead it can prepare heitml pages in a way so that they can be edited as using a conventional HTML or WYSIWYG-HTML editor. A description on how to use a external editor is found in the tutorial.

The following background information might be useful for advanced users. heitml as an extension of HTML provides additional tags. Normal text editors and some simple HTML editors handle these additional tags without problems. Other HTML editors can not handle heitml tags. In this case RADpage encapsulates heitml tags so that they become invisible for the editor used.

RADpage uses three different ways to encapsulate heitml code, depending on the specific editor selected. Below we describe these options and mention the editors that work fine with a particular option. We also give links to directly ask heitml for the editable pages.

  • In HTML comments <!--heitml> ... <heitml--> when InvEdit is used. This should work with any editor that leaves comments untouched.
  • In <% ... %> brackets. This is used if MS Edit is selected.
  • In server tags <server> ... </server> used when WyEdit is selected. This works fine with Netscape-Composer.
Usually RADpage stores encapsulated pages so that they can be immediately edited with the HTML editor. So as long as you select the right type of editor when creating a page editing works out fine. However before another type of editor can be used the encapsulation mode of a page must be changed by selecting the body component in RADpage and selecting the new editor type.

Some editors can directly read and edit pages from the Internet. In this case use the Page Mode Selector of RADpage to display a page with the right encapsulation. The press edit in your browser or save the page source to file. Note that RADpage automatically determines if a page is requested from the FrontPage editor, so it is possible to directly use the edit key in Internet Explorer.

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