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Welcome to the heitml demos

Here you'll find applications that demonstrate the power of heitml. The Quick Tutorial, however is better suited if your goal is to learn how to use heitml and create your own applications.

Layout Redefinition

allows you to redefine the well known HTML headlines, to big , numbered , box , or normal . Click on any of the preceding links to see what effect they have on this page.

Dynamic Content

adapts your Web Pages to suit User needs. Please enter your first name .

Email Forms

are amazingly simple to create, yet more powerful than with CGI. What do you think about heitml ?

Outline Mode

structures your Web Site. The menu you see on the left is automatically produced by Outline Mode. You just specify the structure of your Web Site, and all the menus, next, back and prev buttons work automatically. You can view the Web Site with Frames.

View the Source Codes

Layout Redefinition , Dynamic Content , Email Form , Guestbook Display , Guestbook , Guestbook Search , SQL Search

Database Demos

Data Display Demo

show the content of our guestbook database. There are many ways to present data in an attractive and coherent manner. The Guestbook Display shows some of the possibilities. Please bear in mind that, besides guestbook entries, your favorite database could be shown.

Database Registration Demo:

in this case a guestbook. You can browse the guestbook database, scroll the screen, or have a look at the individual records. Anyone can create entries and lock them with passwords. An entry can be changed at anytime using the password.

This is an instance of one very common kind of application, but address books, order entry forms, self registration kind of applications, open calendars, mailing list administrators, data entry forms, etc. all work the same way. When necessary, part of the functionality can be locked for internal use only (e.g. for an order entry form, the browse functionality would be internal only).

Database Search Demo

Your users sometimes want to search the database using self-defined queries. They can do that giving SQL queries explicitly, but this is too complex and inconvenient for most applications. In that case, specially designed query forms prove to be most helpful as can be seen in the Guestbook Query Form . Make sure to click on the advanced search button, to see the complete query form.

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