RADpage License Keys

RADpage license keys are issued per (fully qualified hostname and) domain name. To use RADpage commercially on a Web site http://www.yourdomain.com you need to purchase a RADpage key for www.yourdomain.com. The license key will work only on the domain you purchased it for.

In case your domain name changes, we will supply you with a new key, free of charge, as long as RADpage is no longer used on the previous domain name.

Sometimes a Web site can be reached by multiple domain names, like http://www.yourdomain.com, http://www.yourdomain.net, and http://new.yourdomain.com, called alias domains. Technically you need a key for each alias-domain. Usually keys for alias domains are free, as long as the alias domain belongs to the same organization as the main domain and as long as both domains run on the same physical server.

Note, in case you enter wrong domain/host-name into our registration form, the license key will not work. We will supply you with a new key, however, a mistyped domain name will still create a lot of hassle for you and us. So please carefully read the following information.

The registration page in the heitml documentation automatically finds out, what host/domainname to use. Try http://www.yourdomain.com/heitml2.1/tutor/register.hei. On some Web servers you might need additional keys in order to use the shorthand http://yourhost (i.e. some systems allow you to leave out the domain name when operating in the same network), or to use ip number URLs like http://myipnumber.

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