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To register a version online, please click on the appropriate registration link below. As a private or non-commercial entity you can get a Linux/FreeBSD license key for free (see FAQ and Non-Commercial License Conditions). To request a free license key for non-commercial usage, or for an alias domain or a changed domain name, please also click on the appropriate registration link below and select the appropriate option later on.

Virtual Server (ISP/ASP based RADpage)

This version is needed to run RADpage and heitml on a virtual Web server hosted by an ISP.

Virtual Server Version $149 US
One time fee for a single virtual Web server (hosted by an ISP) using RADpage.

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Some ISPs install RADpage for their customers. You then can buy this version of RADpage directly from your ISP. Alternatively you can install the CGI version of RADpage on a UNIX powered Web server yourself (if Linux and PostgreSQL is available). A single license of the Developer version is included.

Developer Version (Local Development)

The RADpage Developer version can be used to develop Web sites on a standalone Windows computer. The package contains everything needed for development, the RADpage editor, a single user version of the heitml middleware and a single user test Web server.

Developer Version $49 US
This is a full-featured single user version of RADpage. It is intended to develop and test RADpage applications. It cannot be used to actually run a public Web site. The package requires an ODBC database to be installed already.

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Stand Alone Server Version

A standalone server can be either a dedicated machine for Internet service or a corporate intranet server.

Stand Alone Server Version $350 US
This is a full-featured RADpage version for use on a single server. It can be used for multiple domains of a single company or legal entity. It may not be used to offer Web hosting services to multiple clients.

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Read more about flat priced multiple licenses for Web developers and about versions for hosting providers.

See Hosting for product versions intended for hosting providers and professional web developers. See Distribution to read more on how the distribution and the license keys work.

Theses prices are not valid inside Germany (see the German page for details) and do not include any national taxes. All rights reserved.

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