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Windows XPTM Version


To use heitml, your need the RADpage Developer version or another Web Server Software installed on your Windows XP machine, as well as an ODBC compliant database system, and a Web browser.

We tested heitml on Windows XP Professional with the Internet Information Server (IIS) 5.1, and on Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home Edition with the Apache HTTP Server and the . The installation with IIS 5.1 is completely automated, for other Web servers README files are included in the distribution covering the installation of heitml in conjunction with these Web servers. heitml might also run with other Web servers using the generic CGI interface. Note that Microsoft neither supports IIS nor on Windows XP Home Edition.

As database you need the most recent ODBC 32-bit Drivers. We tested heitml with MS SQL Server and with MS Access. Since heitml supports standard ODBC any other ODBC compliant database system should work as well.


  1. If you are not using the RADpage Developer version, the Web server software must already be installed on your machine before installing heitml. If you are using IIS 5.1, see the IIS page for download and installation instructions.
  2. Make sure that the ODBC 32-bit drivers are installed. There should be an icon 'Data Sources (ODBC)' in Control Panel / Administrative Tools. heitml will NOT work with ODBC 16-bit drivers!
  3. Run the Setup.exe program to install heitml. By default heitml will be installed into c:\heitml2.1, but you can choose your own installation directory.
  4. If not done by the heitml Setup program, you must create an ODBC System data source called heitml2.1. A step by step instruction to do this is found on the ODBC page.
  5. Restart your Web Server in case you are not using IIS 5.1. Therefore, please follow the instructions given in the appropriate README file.

Starting heitml

Finally press START select 'Documentation' from the 'RADpage with heitml' program group. This will launch your favorite Web browser and display the heitml starting page. Then you can immediately enter the heitml 'Getting Started' tutorial.

Configuration of the Web Server

Please read the Web page we have set up about your Web Server and about ODBC. The links to these pages are on the Supported Platforms page.

In case something goes Wrong

The setup program complains "Internet Publishing Service not found" This means that you do not have installed the Microsoft Internet Information Server. You need to have a Web server installed on you machine. If you have installed a Web server other than the Microsoft one, just ignore the message, everything is installed fine. Otherwise get a Web server, uninstall heitml, install the Web server and afterwards install heitml again.

Clicking on 'Documentation' in the 'RADpage with heitml' program group does not work

  • Make sure that you have switched off the proxy in your browser. You can switch off the proxy for your local host only by entering localhost in the 'no proxy for' box of your browser. Please note that there are some modified browsers (you usually get from an online service) where you can not switch off the proxy. Those browsers do not work with .

Note: The above instructions are also included as a step by step instruction in the various README.txt files which are part of the Windows download package.

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