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The following Web Applications directly come with RADpage set them up online within a few minutes and configure them as you wish.

Database Display Displays the content of the database in various formats. Default is a table view showing multiple database records and each with a link to a detailed view of that record. (demo/src)
Database Search Users can enter search criteria into a form to query the database. The search result is shown in a scrollable fashion with an optional detailed record view. (demo/src)
Database Registration Users are presented with a data entry form. If everything is filled out correctly the data is stored into the database. On errors the form is redisplayed with an error message. (demo/src)
Protected Database Users can add an entry into the database and select a password for it. The entry can be changed anytime using the password. (demo/src)
Database Edit Allows the user to browse a database table and to insert, update, and delete records. (demo/src)
Mailform Email form with several interesting features. (demo/src)
Page/Event Counter Add various counters to your pages and view their values on a summary page. (demo/src)
Shopping The shopping componens allow customers to collect products in a shopping basket while surfing your web site. (demo/src)
Product Catalog Allows to maintain a product catalog in your database and to display it on you web site. (demo/src)
orderform Allows the user to order the products currently in the shopping basket. The orderform sends the order by email to the merchant. (demo/src)

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